to the heart of nature
The company was founded with Biagio Alagia, heir of his father’s passion for nature and supporter of TIEMME project.
Following the footsteps of his father, who has dedicated his life to the care of forests, Biagio Alagia at 18 years chose an ancient craft, that of the woodcutter, taking care of maintenance and the cutting of forests, the pruning of plants and the sale of timber for firewood.

In the early ‘80s Biagio Alagia meets Maria Temporiti, the “lady TIEMME”, that be came his partner in life and work, and in 1985 they founded TIEMME.
our mission
For over 25 years in TIEMME we offer services for green and environment by providing innovative solutions for governments, companies and individuals. This success continues to grow thanks to the quality of the services realized with professionalism and competence by our employees and the continued investment in search of better techniques and existing technologies in the field of park maintenance.
our activity
We offer integrated services for the care and the maintenance of the public and private green, for interventions of naturalistic engineering and urban furnish. We are specialized in forest jobs, repopulation and integration of the wooded areas finalized to the defense of the territory and the environment. We deal there with environmental retraining, agrarian setups, planning and realization of fittings of fitodepurazione and environmental recovery of contaminated sites.