to the heart of nature
The BIOLAGO (biological swimming pool) recreates the environment of natural lakes, with the physical, chemical and biological properties typical of inland fresh waters as studied and codified by freshwater science.

Depending on the radio of its components (regenerative and bathing) the biolago can be offered in a NATURAL version (+ regeneration - bathing), RECREATIONAL (+ bathing - regeneration), or combinations designed in line with different tastes and requirements. These pools can have separate basins (distinct phytodepuration and bathing) or a single basin (phytodepuration and bathing in the same pool).

NO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS ARE USED in a biolago, not even for the control of pollutants and micro-organisms dangerous to health. The WATER is kept CLEAR, PURE and suitable for bathing only by PLANTS.

Compared with traditional swimming pools, the main ADVANTAGES offered by a biolago are: low maintenance costs and reduced water consumption (only that wich evaporates is lost), no kind of environmental pollution, no use of chemicals which could come into contact with man (chlorine, for example), no extraordinary maintenance nor need for covers in the cold months, and the great added value in terms of design, perfectly in harmony with your green spaces.