to the heart of nature
sustainable forest management - project abriola (lucania, italy)
In partnership with the Giosa Carlo and Giosa Pasquale from Tito (Potenza) company, and with the valuable technical support of the Lucanian Environmental Observatory (OPAL), we have begun an ambitious and innovative project to promote the eco-sustainable management of the woods owned by the Abriola Municipality (

The first step was the study and analysis of the areas and the woodland heritage (where the noble beech is main protagonist) to understand where, how and why intervention is necessary.
At this stage, the aim of collaboration with OPAL, geared towards the creation of an economic management plan for the agro-silvo-pastoral assets, is to define the stages that will lead to increasing the environmental and economic value of the forest.

Examples of activities in which we play a leading role are: ordinary maintenance of the woods, prevention of damage by fires (often attributable to neglect and negligence), recovery and reforestation of burnt acres, eco-sustainable management certification on the wood and traceability of fine woods, planned cutting of fine woods to put on the market or cutting for the production of biomass (for fuelling energy producing plants, for example), exclusive management and trading of carbon credits derived from management of the woods.
Other activities in which will soon play a leading role are the cultivation, production and sale of forest products for local, national and international markets (mushroom, truffles, wild berries, medicinal herbs...), organization -together with our partners- of internships, lessons and conferences at the University and the use of trails in the woods for recreation and open air sports in a way that is safe for man and nature.
"La LUCANIA mi pare più di ogni altro, un luogo vero, uno dei luoghi più veri al mondo..." (Carlo Levi)

Our mission is to valorize the FOREST,
a priceless Italian and Lucanian asset,
using a system of
value creation that will lead
to a tangible improvement in ecological,
naturalistic and biodiversity protection
terms over the years.